Holy Ground

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Several years ago, Rob and I tried to have a backyard garden. We purchased all of the tools, seeds and supplies and got to work. We worked hard. Actually, correction, he worked hard. And , I cheered him on with a newborn strapped to me nine years ago. After our gourmet garden was planted, we anxiously awaited the “fruit” of our labor. It never arrived. Our garden was garbage. I believe we may have grown one successful tomato out of all of the time, money, energy and effort. At that time, I’m embarrassed to admit, that neither one of us considered the quality of the sandy soil in our backyard. We could have easily built a nice garden box filled with good soil and those seeds would have grown but we didn’t take the time to examine the soil. God has used this illustration to remind me of the many times I’ve tried to grow good seed in bad soil. Soil that needed a little refining and re-nourishment. God continues to till my heart and the hearts of those who seek him. For in his perfect timing, the seeds of faith and obedience will fall into fertile soil. Before you plant your proverbial seeds this Spring, be sure you choose fertile, dare I say, Holy, ground. After all, life may Spring up.

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