Stand Firm




Recently, Leslie Wright Photography captured our family at our Hunting Club. This particular stand holds some history for me as it is one of the very first stands I hunted alone. Two years ago, while on one of my very first solo deer hunts, a large hog kept returning to my feeder. I knew my hunt was over because my chances of a deer appearing with the hog present were slim to none. Not sure what to do, I text my husband and told him the situation. His response was something that had not occurred to me at that time, “shoot it”.

Feral Hogs are considered a nuisance animal in South Carolina and are open season year round on private land. Their “tag” is rooting and wallows which mark like graffiti across the land we hunt. They destroy the farmers crops and make a complete mess of the place in the process. They have become a real problem in many areas, including ours. To read more about feral hogs you can visit Feral Swine Damage or SC DNR to learn more. So while this teacher adores Charlotte’s Web, these feral hogs  are not “Some Pig”.

While sitting nervously in that stand two years ago, I steadied my breath, raised my rifle and focused my sight. It was a moment I’ll never forget.IMG_9703

To me that hunt painted a parallel of life in that our hearts can be  rooted and wallowed by sin.  Take aim through prayer and stand firm.


“He lifted me up out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” – Psalms 40:2


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