Five Life Lessons

My boys love our hunting club, yet they don’t always want to go. The draw of electronics, friends and extracurricular activities challenge our ability to just run to the woods some days.  While the world fights for my children’s attention, we grab their boots and say, “Let’s go!”  I too, find myself struggling to get out to the woods some days. The to-do list is long. Work obligations and life tend to tell me there are too many reasons to stay home. However, I am continuously reminded that without the adventure, there is no story to tell. When my boys are grown, I want them to tell the stories of great adventures through the woods, in the mud, and from the stand. I’m learning the literal laundry list of things can sometimes wait because time won’t. The woods are teaching my children more about life than their X-Box ever could. Here are five life lessons we’ve found beneath the trees:

  1. Stay on the Path

The path is worn by those who have walked before you. It will lead you where you want to go and show you how to get home. The path will help prevent you from getting lost.

  1. When you want to Wander

Take me with you. Sometimes the greatest adventure is found off of the path but take me with you to mark the trail and keep you safe.

  1. Get Muddy

Clean boots don’t make for good stories. Find the mud.

  1. Listen to your Father

Your Heavenly Father and your Daddy. You’ll hear a lot of wisdom from them while we are here in these woods.

  1. Seasons Change

We can learn a lot about life by watching the seasons and how they change. Appreciate each one for what it offers.

So, on the days when it is hard to easily break away to get out to the woods, it is always worth it once we arrive. Besides, I’ve never told a great tale of doing laundry or an adventure found at the grocery store. When time allows, the work will wait and an adventure will be found.



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