Finding My Way Back to the Stand

The best good morning greeter and tail-wagging pleaser, this little fluff learned how to climb stairs this week. She loves socks and saves her finest prance for when we are trying to catch her to remove something from her mouth that she should not have. Her favorite place to find mischief is the laundry hamper and yet, her eyes seem to be her pardon from all wrong doing. She is a hot mess healer. There’s just something about this Golden girl that continues to enrich our lives with laughter and love even amidst the potty training mishaps and puppy shenanigans that fill our home and our hearts. The most unexpected gift of our new four-pawed friend seems to be the gift of perspective. Remi was born on Halloween just a few short weeks after I learned the words #ehlersdanlossyndrome . As I watch Remi learn to navigate this new world around here, I have felt this strange understanding of how new things can feel like scary things. Today, as I watched her cautiously climb the stairs by herself, I paused for a moment to celebrate her win. Today she scaled her mountain. Tomorrow, she’ll do the same. One day the stairs will just be steps to climb…not scary, not overwhelming and no celebration at the top. But, today they were. The puppy and I celebrated one shaky step at a time. If you know me or have followed me on Instagram, my stories are usually about my family and our love of being outside together, especially at our hunting club. This Fall I was not able to hunt. I was hospitalized in the middle of deer season. In late November, I was able to sit in the stand for the first time this year. The chair felt unusually hard and my neck resisted my attempts to look through my scope. It felt like my first time hunting and I had to reorient myself with the stillness of the stand. I felt the heaviness and grief of knowing that many things will be different because of the #craniocervicalinstability in my neck. But, what I didn’t know was at that same time in a small town about an hour away was the sweetest little puppy who would become ours and help me along the way as I find my way back to the stand.jenny014

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