Dental Braces Look a little Different with EDS

Today was my first dentist appointment since learning about my #craniocervicalinstability.  I honestly was terrified. I already canceled and rescheduled the appointment. I wanted to cancel again.  In the past going to places like the dentist,  hair salon and a long list of other things always triggered horrific headaches. I didn’t really talk about it for many reasons. One, I knew the cause/effect were not normal. Two, I felt ridiculous blaming my headache on such things. There were even times that I began to question myself because no one could figure out why I was having such bad headaches. I started to feel like a head case and stopped talking about how much it hurt.  Since learning that I have #ehlersdanlossyndrome there are so many puzzle pieces that finally fit.  Research also has found that those of us with the hypermobility type of EDS don’t respond well to local anesthetics or in my case any anesthesia including epidurals and spinal taps. It has made dental work interesting to say the least. And, my childbirth stories would never make the cut for #whattoexpectwhenyoureexpecting . I will save those stories for another day.

My dentist told me I’m the only patient he has in his practice that has this rare condition.  I was just thankful he knew what it was! So, today was the first time I brought my “braces”with me to the dentist 😊. Neck brace for the win. 🙌🏼

I know there are others out there…like me…who are figuring out this new normal. I’d sure love to hear from anyone who has walked this path or one similar.


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